Local SEO Audit

The Best Way To Conduct A Local SEO Audit In 45 Minutes

We all know the most powerful Search Engine Optimization list has been compiled by some other websites already, but unless you are deeply involved in the Search Engine Optimization world, you almost certainly do not give a damn about who they’re.

This publisher was based in the US but covered their sport globally. Now I knew I was chancing my arm to a certain extent offering to put up a piece on their site (and magazine) about goings on in this sport local to me. Since I certainly was not adept in the game, BUT I was local and figured I’d be able to study the remainder and still be providing value that manner.

Back in 2005, I discovered that a guy was making a large number of dollars per month selling products linked to his viral website. I sought him out and interviewed him. His secret? Propagate your propaganda. Support the spread of it. Cast it far and wide. He was running through 40 Gigabytes of traffic each day, most of it through hotlink images. He noted that while it discouraged, he supported hotlinking because it was his plan: Spread the propaganda. In other words, develop awareness. The very same strategy that I ‘d so much success with over and over.

Offsite content. The 2nd method is more direct and involves contributing content to outside sources. Identity reliable sources (preferably business relevant and high-authority publications), and submit content to be printed that includes a natural, important, value-adding link pointing back to your domain within the body or author bio. Best practices are more complicated than this – you will have to think about the contextual relevance of your link, follow choices, as well as the diversity of your inbound link profile – but this is the basic idea. The remainder is a matter for another post.

That is not to say these approaches do not work or will not function in the future but if you get caught mistreating them you might find a notification of a manual activity for unnatural links in your inbox one day soon. As they possess the most impact on search visibility, however, you shouldn’t rule out the idea of having a follow link to it’s standard practice to only pursuit followed links A brand or your website mention without a link.

SEO blogs are full of guidance on how to create networks of small quality links using this technique. Until now Google just handled these low-quality second and third tiered websites, but they’ll probably crack back on the entire scheme. It must not be hard to identify those algorithmically. Because of their low quality content and deficiency of editorial guidelines, many of the free press release submission sites are now probably completely disregarded by Google.

The next big marketing gimmick up for abuse (in fact, it is starting to happen now) will be fascination gap headlines as seen on websites like ViralNova and Upworthy. If you are unfamiliar, these headlines look something like this: At First, This House Looked Amazing But Wait Until You See the 2nd Floor… OMG! I’m going to go out on a limb with a prediction that is radical here; I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy.

I am already seeing an increasing number of people attempting to use embeddable objects (pictures, videos, etc.) as their principal source of links. Often these widgets that are embeddable aren’t even on a theme for the website. Any advertising technique based on tricking your target market is doomed. But this might take some time to expire – and may ruin consumer trust as it goes down. Use SSL encryption to stop unauthorized parties from accessing financial advice. Adding an icon or brief text in the checkout area saying that all transactions are protected can be helpful, also.

It will be wise not to outsource link building performance to low-quality suppliers. I see many webmasters thinking to save money and cut corners they outsource link building to the most economical possible source. The issue is this type of low-quality link building while it may save you some cash initially; it’s going to cost you much more in the long term. My guidance is for webmasters to use trusted providers who reveal transparency in all work finished and provided link construction reports that are complete.

I know that everyone keeps talking about common ranking signs, but I think that could finally go the same way. To be honest – people will locate ways to game social media, just like they did with website commenting (previously a natural link, in the correct circumstance), web directories (could be regarded as natural, if it’s the right site and place) and now guest posting (which would have been essential if it wasn’t indeed damaged).